5 Easy Drawing Ideas for your Child

Posted by Ms Kheng on Jan 11, 2019 10:26:18 AM

There has been a lot of parents who asked me for tips on art activities for their kids.

My students have always loved to draw and will spend hours creating cards, or making small doodles in class. M (4) has finally found some confidence in her drawing skills and now can’t get enough of it. And K (five) has just begin to figure out that making a mark on paper is more interesting than drawing on the table and the floor. 

Deposit your child at our studio!Here are some of our favourite drawing activities that we’ve done over and over and will be doing again every now and then!


1. Imaginative/Creative collage drawing– Cut a random part of an animal/object to paste onto a large drawing block and let your child's imagination take place!



2. Drawing familiar faces– This could make a beautiful family portrait for the house!



3. Drawing/painting on alternate surfaces – we will have a bundle pack in stores soon!



4. Drawing for the occasion - Be it Christmas or Birthdays, event filled with joy and good memories is always a good way to start!



5. Drawing from narrative– This is easy and it has always been a favourite! Parent will have to read them a story and let their interpretation take place on their artwork. Do not attempt to ask them to copy the illustration! Advice: describe and prompt in simple shapes and allow their narrative to extend beyond the storybook!


When a child draws/scribbles/makes marks etc they are developing fine motor skills, practicing pre-reading and writing skills, expressing imagination and creativity, communicating their ideas, practicing critical thinking and problem solving, developing confidence and resilience, experimenting with cause and effect, learning concepts such as size, shape, colour and number, developing eye hand co-ordination, and so much more.

IMG_3686Want to engage your child in an enriching program while you wind down? Send  your child to us!

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